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    I’m publishing this Weblog to deepen perspectives on topics that light me up. These relate to my business communication, disruptive technologies and photography. 

    My work is changing so fast that I can barely grasp it all, much less fully comprehend the implications. Perhaps keeping this blog will help.

    Reid Parkinson

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    Something Completely Different

    I've just istened to episode 551 of the Mormon Stories podcast, "Lindsay Hansen Park's Year of Polygamy."  She's refreshing, well-balanced and articulate.  Then I checked out her podcast episodes: Year of Polygamy Podcast. Wow.

    Most Mormon presentations drip with sanctimoniousness or heavy scholarly tones. Lindsay is a young mother finding her way, with a fresh open-minded approach.  She uncovers mountains of historical information, of which Mormons (be they Fundamentalists or L.D.S.) are completely unaware.  It's a monumental body of work that will have strong influence for years to come.