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    Business and Technical Writing—Minneapolis

    We make complex subjects understandable and interesting to general audiences. We have over thirty years of experience in presenting: 

    – Economic and financial analyses 
    – Operator and service manuals
    – Marketing documents and trade show materials 
    – Training materials and 
    – Internet documents

    All effective writing first considers: 1) Who is the audience? 2) What is the core information that audience needs?

    Effective business and technical writing presents that core information in a clear, simple way. However, today’s writers must be more than capable wordsmiths. They must visualize and use graphics in place of word tonnage, both to defeat information overload and to leverage today’s new communication technologies.

    Good writing also requires good document design. One well-designed page with supporting graphics can be better understood and retained than ten pages containing only text. 

    We’re a good resource. We’ve served solely as writers in technical publications departments and we’ve done entire projects, from writing through layout, printing and distribution.

    Every writing challenge is unique and the best solution isn’t always immediately apparent. If you’re seeking experienced, capable collaboration for a writing challenge, please call or email with any inquiries.

    Reid Parkinson
    Minneapolis, Minnesota