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    Minneapolis Language Translation Service 

    We provide language translation services for many companies in the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We’re partnered with Wessex Translations, voted the Best Translation Company of 2009. We provide translation services for every need—from document translation, interpreting and Web site localization to consulting and multimedia, multi-lingual solutions or just friendly advice.

    Speaking of friendly advice, one key service is consultation on what you can do to minimize translation costs before submission. We want to build a long-term partnership with you by showing you everything you can do to save money on your current translations, and leverage that savings to future translations.

    Like many modern translation agencies, we use a database memory management system that will help you save money as we translate more and more of your documents and Web site content. Simply put, once we translate a sentence for you, it resides in our database. If you submit subsequent documents containing that sentence, our software automatically detects it and inserts it into the document, at no cost to you. It’s not uncommon to save 25–80-percent on subsequent documents that contain much of the same information. If you’re a company that publishes a lot of information internationally, you can reap considerable savings by reviewing your documents for size, consistent use of language (to reap those database savings), and use of graphics wherever possible. (Graphics don’t need translation, and a picture is worth a thousand words.) 

    We translate into almost any language you’ll need using native language-speaking translators. Native speakers insure that translations are accurate. Moreover, native speaking translators are alert to many nuances that might otherwise be misinterpreted by your international audience. A comic and often-cited example is the sales problem encountered by an automobile manufacturer that tried to sell its Nova model in South America, not realizing that “no va” means “no go”.

    We’re here to help and we take pride in making a difference. Please call or email with any questions you might have.

    Reid Parkinson
    Minneapolis, Minnesota