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    I’m publishing this Weblog to deepen perspectives on topics that light me up. These relate to my business communication, disruptive technologies and photography. 

    My work is changing so fast that I can barely grasp it all, much less fully comprehend the implications. Perhaps keeping this blog will help.

    Reid Parkinson


    A Wonderful Spring Day Here in Minneapolis

    Minneapolis: Where all the children are above normal and all the inhabitants have opportunities to build character and fortitude every day. It's what we do.



    In Spite of 2nd Place in Market Share, Apple Has Built A Monopoly in Value Creation

     Horace Dedui:

    To earn profit is hard, to do so in an outsized way is very hard and to do so with consistency shows a defensibility of market access that is rarest of all. The only cases where this typical is in a monopoly or protected market situation (aka cronyism.) Apple’s lack of market monopoly coupled with a (near-) monopoly in profits can only be explained by disproportionate value creation.

    The mystery then is how is it possible to build a monopoly in value creation.


    Microsoft, Past and Future

    A key reason I started this blog was to help myself keep abreast of, and communicate about, disruptive technological change. In that vein, Horace Dediu has quantified something amazing, writing:

    If we include all iOS and Android devices the “computing” market in Q3 2008 was 92 million units of which Windows was 90%, whereas in Q3 2013 it was 269 million units of which Windows was 32%.

    Today as Microsoft announced its new CEO, John Gruber published a fascinating look at Microsoft, Past and Future.   I highly recommend it.



    When the wind chill is even worse than –20F, these heated bus shelters in Minneapolis are life savers.



    January has been exceptionally cold here in Minneapolis. Few people on the streets. Even a two-block walk can be brutal.  We begin to treat life as an endurance sport. Huncker down. Live one day at a time. This too shall pass. When spring finally does arrive, people have been tensed up for so long that they go nuts as they begin to relax. Some get downright goofy.



    Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year Everyone


    The Long Nights Are Beginning in Minneapolis



    America's Demographic Flows Have Reversed with Profound Implications 

    No longer are upwardly mobile people fleeing the cities; they're now fleeing from the suburbs back to the cities. And the cities' poor are moving to the suburbs. Moreover, the cities are becoming vital economic growth centers. Density, diversity and innovation go together and the population-dense cities have become talent magnets.

    By 2011, America's major cities were growing faster than the suburbs for the first time since Americans began driving.  These are just a few of the revealing facts about America's profound demographic changes and their implications. All from a fascinating article by Richard Florida here.


    Of Personal Computers and Cameras

    Sitting through Apple's big product roll-out yesterday I had a lot of thoughts beyond what Apple was announcing. One thought was "two industries as I knew them are now marginalized and dying."

    A brilliant posting by Thom Hogan here.


    You can't step into the same river twice

    I'm stepping back into this blog after a long break. Initially, I intended the blog to focus on disruptive technological change, an interest acquired while participating in the personal computer and desktop publishing revolutions. However, I was quickly overwhelmed. I discovered much more rapid change than I could digest. Probably most of us are both fascinated and overwhelmed by how the world is rapidly changing.

    So I'm stepping back into this blog more gingerly. Just a personal journal on a few things I notice and think about. I hope like-minded people find it interesting.